About Us
Kobrick Family 90+ Years

The Manhattan of the 1920's would hardly recognize itself today. The changes are mind boggling. Gone are the corner shops that trim felt hats. The coffee counters that offered a 10-cent "bottomless" cup of coffee are faded memories. Those counters may be gone, but the coffee is as big a part of the New Yorkers life as it ever was. As New York continues to change and grow with time, Mayflower imitates its hometown by keeping some of its old traditions while continuously growing with the market and technology. Samuel Kobrick started his company in 1920, selling his “Mayflower” brand to those very same coffee counters and shops, along with some of the finest restaurants in and around the city. His philosophy was very simple… roast the finest coffee available, deliver fresh product and treat each customer like they were family. Samuel, who died in 1967, passed his legacy to his sons Frank and Sonny and Mayflower continued to flourish and gain notoriety as word of their unique proprietary blends spread through the streets of Manhattan. As they increasingly received more phone calls from restaurant or coffee shop owners that tried their coffee down the street and wanted the same product, the brothers continued to ensure that their product arrived fresh to their clientele, even if it meant delivering it themselves.

Specialty coffee (exotic blends of Arabica beans grown in places like Costa Rica and New Guinea) and espresso is now the focus of their business. Realizing that coffee drinker's palates have matured, and the way in which it is consumed is constantly changing, the quest for perfection is a daily goal.

While the coffee world of today may seem cluttered and full of imitators, Mayflower Coffee Company still thrives on the values that its founder, Samuel Kobrick lived by… select the finest green coffee available, roast it to perfection, and have it hit the consumers palate as quickly and as perfectly as possible.